Love …

Before I start writing this let me put up a disclaimer. I like to go into the world of make believe. My nonspecific posts are my imagination. Please do not apply this to my life, as was done after my post on Life. Got a few calls asking me why I was depressed and suggestions to bring me out of it. Folks, please do not do that. That’s why I haven’t written for so long.


LOVE…… the most beautiful 4 letters clubbed together in the English language. Over  eons authors, poets ,playwrights and all of us have tried to describe it , define it .

Love……it grips your mind , your very soul. It is  a soul searing , mind blowing , body aching , desperate emotion. It’s a raging fire within you . It’s flames consume you to the very core of your existence. It burns you, devours you , and makes you have no other thought in your head except your lover’s . You don’t just love your lover. You love him/her crazily , desperately , long for your lover with an intensity you’ve never felt before, never known that you are capable of such extremely strong emotions .

A word , a sentence said in an ordinary normal way, but when you hear it from your love, it makes your heart do crazy somersaults, your heart dances the waltz , your skin tingles at the words, your body shivers and there is a hollow in your stomach which is so sweet and exciting!

You live your everyday life. But when you have such a passionate love , does your day pass like any other ? Definitely not. Your lover’s face is in your minds eye 24×7 , you desperately long to talk , to communicate , to be with your love. The world is unaware of your emotions. Unaware that while you are mouthing ordinary sentences , you are visualising in your thoughts those love filled eyes that look straight into your soul , that make you melt and be in such a happy wonderful place where no one exists but the two of you.

If only one did not have to live the day to day life ! How awesome it would be to spend the rest of your life in each others arms, lost to the world, no thought of anyone but you two. The true love in your eyes, the caring touch, the soft caress, the never ending kisses and love and oneness and togetherness , the passionate lovemaking which sends you  orbiting into the seventh heaven ! This is love. This what you live for ! This is what you die for !

A love like that happens only once in so many lifetimes. Or does it even ? Is a love like this possible ? Or is it the poet’s imagination ? Is love just a ploy , created by poets so that we try to find sparkle in our own mundane lives, desperately reaching out to others in order to find that all evasive love? Do we live for it and die without finding it ?




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