A Simple Liberating Act


After 8 yrs !

Yes…. I am happy today . I have got my personality back ! I have once again become what I like to be. What a difference  a HAIRCUT makes to one’s psyche. You read that right. A small step helps us to feel free , liberated , happy, young and excited .

I was growing my hair for the last 8 yrs. Started about 3 yrs before my son’s wedding. I wanted to tie up my hair in various styles for the wedding . Wanted to show off my earrings . Everyone said that the latest fashion was for women to have long hair.

I did cut my hair after the wedding . But never had the courage to really chop off my lovely tresses. it has been a slow process to gather the guts to do what I did today. Get a haircut…no,no …..a BOYCUT.

It has been one of the most liberating moments . I have always had short hair for most of my adult life. When I was strong , young and attractive. Today , I felt the same again. It was as though my personality had been subdued all these intervening years, and I got back my charm , flamboyance and joie de verve just with this simple action.

My Dad always loved me with a haircut.Not for him the hairdo . I feel I have made him happy too. Love you Dad.

My mom, my sis , all my close friends , all those who love me…..come give me a hug!

I am HAPPY !

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2 Responses to A Simple Liberating Act

  1. Mrunalini Deshpande says:

    Where is the picture? We want to see one.


  2. asgokarn says:

    Need a photograph to go with the post, dear! So happy for your short hair! Waiting to see you!


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