Vaikunth Flower Show

I was in one of my lazy moods , scrolling Facebook , reading peoples’ personal posts on travel , friendships , dogs , how to make something in 5 min and all the various narcissistic photographs. ( Those always get more than 100 likes ).

Suddenly I perked up. There it was. Something after my own heart. A post on something I just love so. You all know that. Yes , right. It was a flower show. The Vaikunth flower show . With more than a million flowers , is what the ad said.

I had to go. I JUST HAD TO GO THERE. The next few days were spent in thinking about it, gathering my like minded friends together and adjusting a suitable time to go.

We were a happy excited trio who set out on the Saturday afternoon. So much laughter and chatting , getting caught in traffic, hankering for tea ! It was all part of the fun and set our moods just right.The arrangements by Piramal realties , the people who put up the show , were impeccable . We got our well deserved tea as soon as we reached.

But….what was this ? Even at the entrance the beauty and the color of the flowers was a sight to behold ! If this was just outside imagine what awaited us inside !

And , gosh , what was this quaint little train doing here ? Two small wooden trains were arranged to take people around for an initial glimpse and later one could browse around on foot. We stood in the queue for the train and had free popcorn ,cold drinks and candy floss. Haven’t had candy floss in years !

The flowers were beautifully arranged . The landscaping was marvellous ! Myriad colours , beautiful shades and hues all superbly arranged ,was a sight to behold ! Rows and rows of various flowers , conglomeration of them with just the right colours put together ! Should I appreciate this one or that ? Should I take panoramic pics or should I lovingly capture each of natures creations separately ! It was all so beautiful.Words fail me.

They also had attractions for those who are not so madly in love with flowers as the three of us.There was a wooden horse beautifully made. Various animal models covered with grass and otherwise. Monkeys hanging from trees , donkeys bearing fruit and what have you ! An elephant here and a camel there, models of the Rajabhai tower , Victoria terminus and all our heritage buildings which Mumbai is so proud of. There was a Japanese garden, a Spanish one ,a Brazilian one with Jesus the Redeemer blessing everything in sight. A Persian one , and a magical Banyan tree with orchids hanging from it. None of us could stop clicking pictures ! All the people around had happy faces , the children running to and fro in excitement. Only a glorious show of Nature can bring out the best in human nature.

Soon it was evening and dusk.And it all came alive. The place was lit like a magical Neverland ! The Banyan tree in particular was an enchanted magical fairy tale tree. If I could feel transported into a fairy tale world , I wonder what the children felt ! Another round of photographs was a must. Though this had more to do with human creation, albeit done beautifully . The natural colours of the flowers was changed into deeper hues with the lighting. Another added feature to the magic of the evening was a band playing songs in the background. After having taken our fill of all the beauty around us  , reluctantly we decided to leave.

But it wasn’t still over. There were snacks and cold drink, tea and icecream arranged for free for all the tired but happy people who had visited. And arranged in a lovely garden with colourful water fountains on display. Oh , and I forgot one more beautiful thing. On arrival we were so busy looking at the flowers that we didn’t look up at all. But while we were leaving we saw those huge chandeliers which were lighting up the entrance with white and lavender fairy lights. We just had to stop and take more pics. And ever so many mandatory selfies too .

It was a wonderful Saturday evening spent in the company of my dearest beloved friends ! I yearn for more…..

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