Happy Days

Do you want to know how I spent one whole evening a few days back ?

I went back in time. Not the sci fi one in which you travel many many centuries back in a time machine.  But the age old  road .  Down memory lane…. And what took me along this beautiful road , holding my heart, my hand ?  My albums ! My albums full of happy photographs , happy people , happy occasions .

It’s  not something today’s generation values . They have their photographs uploaded on Cloud , on pen drives and all things virtual . The pleasure of holding an old yellowing album , the slightly fading photographs , the old book fragrance ….it’s not for them. I  belong to the older generation and so find albums irreplaceable . The wait for the prints and the sorting out of the dates and arranging the photos sequentially was all so pleasurable . Every photograph fixed in the album was a gateway to the memories .  Times change and so do we. The last 4 years , I too haven’t got prints made for all the wonderful memories .

It is so wonderfully easy to see my son as a baby , see my father and mother as a young handsome couple , see all of us at all stages of life, in a matter of minutes. The photographs can be seen in seconds . All the way back to 70 yrs or more. There is no need for a computer , a hard drive  and the slideshow to begin looking at photographs.

And , can I hold the computer to my face and kiss the picture of my Dad who passed away 17 yrs back ?  No. Because there are none of his pictures on the laptop . But , I do hold his photograph close to my face and kiss his picture , and remember all his fatherly affection and I feel protected by his love for me . I caress his photo and yearn once more to be in his arms ,the way he held me when I myself was a little girl in a frock and pigtails.Can we hang the laptop on the wall to show us our dear departed ones ? But seeing my Dad looking down at me always gives me strength .

For the last 5 yrs , I have been meaning to make an album of my son’s wedding photographs. Yes, I am able to see those in the laptop whenever I want. But , now they have got transferred to the hard drive . Will I really make an effort to see them again ? Difficult it is for me to get down to it, considering I am from the net unsavvy generation. Will his children look at an old hard drive to see those pics? How much easier it is to see albums , put a finger on the pic and identify all the people ! Only by looking at all the past photographs will his children be able to identify all his relatives and friends. I think I must set a goal and get down to this very important task. Building memories….                                                                                                                                                        Building happy memories…..                                                                                                                        Creating everlasting visual emotional bonds…..                                                                                 Creating a continuity of generations …..                                                                                           Creating relationships …..                                                                                                                  Creating a past for the future generation !




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2 Responses to Happy Days

  1. asgokarn says:

    So true, Madhu! Very well written. Can really enjoy looking at old pics, and the past unfolds! Waiting for more!


  2. Thank you. Don’t know how to do that.


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