I Love Flowers

A second blog in a week….when it took me two years to start off !

I  love flowers . God really put  his heart and soul into creating them . The beauty of each flower , the myriad hues , the wonderfully different shapes and sizes ! It gladdens the heart just looking at a flower !

And the FRAGRANCE  ! No perfume , no researched chemical can ever hope to duplicate the beautiful  soft, delicate  scent of a flower ! It puts you in a dreamy , floating , sensuous state  of mind . It makes you smile . It makes you have softer feelings in dealing with the person in front of you. It makes you fall in Love !

If only we can become like a flower…..give away our very best , make the world a happier place, no conflicts , only lots of love and good cheer all around . Keep everyone around in the best of spirits just by our innate goodness ! In today’s world of strife , hatred , petty quarrels and insane unnecessary rifts among people , states , countries….it’s  the flower people  who bring good cheer and happiness to those around !

I love flowers ! Wherever I go I must visit a garden . I have innumerable photos of flowers from all over the world . My maximum Instagram posts , all my photogrid creations , all my cards….they are all flowers .

I have realised that the best fragrances are from all the little white flowers. Mogra , raatrani , nishigandha , madhukamini, lily , chapha, ananta …… The pure , the innocent , the ones without an ego …these are the ones who make us happy , make life worth living , and make the world a better place.

I Love flowers ! The softness of the flowers makes them a bed for the newly weds . A bunch of red roses declares the lover’s eternal passion , a yellow bunch his eternal faithfulness ! We present flowers and bouquets on happy occasions ….. If only we didn’t have to pluck the flowers for our Happiness !

And how can I forget the only time flowers take on the mantle of obscenity….a very very grotesque thick garland around the neck of some theiving politician ! Even then……




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4 Responses to I Love Flowers

  1. Shekhar PRABHU says:

    That is awesome. I have yet to find a man who is not mesmerized by divine fragrance of 💐 flowers. I have named my only son Saurabh…that’s divine fragrance……


  2. Zeenat Sadikot says:

    Good going, Madhu! You have hit the right spot… I’m going to be following your blog!


  3. Srikant Kekare says:

    You write very well. By the way, both of my favourite flowers came from your garden – Madhura Nursing Home. Agree, tree was mine, but the best part is that both the flowers are blooming day by day. 🙂


  4. Rajeev Akerkar says:

    What is the difference between LIKE and LOVE. When you like a flower you pluck it.But when you love a flower you water it daily and watch it lovingly. One who understands this understands life……Swami Vivekanand.


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